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The Importance of Dosage

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Dosage Information

The concentration is basically the “strength” of the product: what is the total amount of CBD in the container. Concentration is measured in milligrams (mg) per milliliter (mL).

For example, Hempire State Growers Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is bottled in a 30 mL bottle with a total amount of CBD in the container of 1500 mg. The concentration of CBD is 50mg/mL.

Dosage is the amount of CBD per serving. Our delivery system provides 20 mg of CBD per pump which is the dose we believe is a good starting point. CBD use is a personal experience and requires monitoring. More is not necessarily better. The right amount is something your body will tell you. Our system allows the user to adjust for a personal dosage of CBD based on a serving of 20 milligrams per pump.

Topical Dosage

Calculating dosage with topicals is less precise because the “serving size” depends entirely on the quantity of the product that is applied to the skin. Two of the Hempire State Growers’ topical products—Massage Oil and CBD Balm—contain 50 mg/mL. The CBD Lotion contains 20 mg/mL. People with inflammation or severe pain often find that high concentration topicals are more effective.

Dosing is related to how your system absorbs CBD, which is a fascinating topic being studied in research labs around the world. Stay tuned for upcoming information in Hempire State Growers newsletters about what is coming to light regarding the many remarkable and positive ways our bodies interact with CBD. ​


In New York State, where Hempire State Growers is licensed and operates, we expect clear rules around dosing and labeling to be in place in January 2021. The regulations will require that CBD businesses include on their labels the number of servings, the amount of cannabinoids in milligrams per serving, and total cannabinoid content. In addition, recommended dosing and clear usage instructions will be mandatory on all CBD products.

Hempire State Growers firmly believes that the optimal CBD dose for an adult consumer depends on several factors, such as body size and chemistry, tolerance, and the consumer’s specific health issues. That is why we do not currently include dosing recommendations on our labels. We are, however, in compliance with all current labeling requirements and positioned to ensure we meet all the upcoming new regulations in 2021 when the law becomes effective.

If you have any questions about dosing, our knowledgeable Hempire State Growers staff is always available to help. We will happily provide assistance or additional information about our products and their use.

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