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Know Where Your Hemp/CBD Comes From

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Hepworth Ag Hemp Field

As the use of CBD products becomes more prevalent, consumers are demanding to know the source and quality of their hemp-based products and the sustainable practices with which it is grown.

Hepworth Ag, Inc. is a mission-driven company founded in 2019 by Amy and Gail Hepworth, who own and operate Hepworth Farms, a seventh-generation family farm founded in 1818. Having forged tight bonds in the Hudson Valley agricultural community over many decades and generations, Amy & Gail founded Hepworth Ag, Inc. to improve the economic trajectory of farmers in the Hudson Valley and further the health and well-being of their community. They have successfully rallied together a talented and experienced network of growers, scientists, engineers, product developers, and legal and regulatory experts who share

the belief that when farms succeed, communities thrive. Our mission is to lead the standards of ethical and regenerative agricultural practices that support the local economy of the Hudson Valley while contributing to the betterment of human health and wellness.

Hepworth Ag, Inc. farms practice regenerative agriculture, a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the farm's entire ecosystem by focusing on soil health, with attention also paid to organic carbon, water management, fertilizer use, and more. Regenerative farming practices have many benefits, including reversing climate change by restoring degraded soil biodiversity, resulting in carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.

Our member farms all grow organically; most of what we grow is USDA-certified organic. More importantly, we use a "whole alive systems" approach. This approach to farming is concerned with the maximum health and sustainability of the plants, the farm, and the ecosystem in which both exist. Working holistically with the biological community of interacting organisms and the environment is at the core of our program.

Men hand harvesting Hemp Plant
Hepworth Ag Hand Harvesting

Every flower we sell is grown on our farm from seeds we can trace back to a handful of trusted sources. As a vertically integrated company, the quality of our product relies on controlling the process from seed to sale. The search for high-quality genetics is ongoing because the genetics of our plants is critical to our success. This level of hands-on quality control means we produce best-in-class CBD with proven compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid potency. The same standards of excellence continue to guide us through the drying and processing of our hemp, all done on our farm, into high-quality organic hemp and CBD products.

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