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Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 7pm

Fri-Sat 8:30am - 8pm

Sun 9am - 6pm




“We farm hemp because it’s the people’s plant and we want to make it accessible at the best possible price.”

–Amy Hepworth, HSG President

Visit the CBD Mill

The HSG CBD Mill is open for business! 


1637 Route 9W

 Milton, NY 12547

Our full spectrum CBD Oil and extra-strength THC-free CBD Oil, as well as our CBD Balm, Massage Oil, and Capsules, are made with CBD from our own organically grown hemp. Whether you use topicals or prefer sublingual ingestion or capsules, you can count on products of the highest quality that are tracked from seed to sale.

CBD Oil, Lotions & Balms


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Seed to Sale and On-site Extraction

Seed to Sale trackability means our scientists can trace every field of hemp, and every plant, through the extraction process to its final incarnation on the shelf. 


Even our extraction of CBD from hemp is done on-site, using extraction technology designed and powered by Labyrinth Xtracts. What you get is not only grown organically using regenerative agricultural practices, but it’s also 100% local.

Triple O CBD

Come by to learn more about our Triple O CBD. Triple O stands for Origin, Organic, and Oversight—in other words, single origin, organically grown, and with the highest standards of scientific oversight.



The CBD Mill is in the historic building that was once Hepworth Farm’s Cider Mill. The Cider Mill opened in 1970 as part of Hepworth Farm's farm market. The Mill offered all-you-could-drink cider, hot cider donuts, and a gathering place for local families for generations. ​


“Multi-generational farmers need to move with the times. We think a CBD sales and education center is a great use for this beautiful old building.”

–Gail Hepworth, HSG CEO

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Part of offering CBD for sale at the Mill is educating consumers. Our knowledgeable salespeople are able to inform customers; running educational videos in the space will be interesting for people who stop by; and a range of classes, both about hemp and other related topics will be offered in the Mill. 



“At HSG, we believe it’s important to educate consumers, from scientific, agricultural, and health perspectives, so they can make informed decisions regarding their personal CBD use.”

–Diane Duffus, HSG Biologist and Educator