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Hepworth Ag, Inc Letter of Commitment

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Hepworth Ag, Inc

1637 Route 9W,

Milton, NY 12547

Hepworth Ag is a business on a mission—a mission committed to excellence and based on principled business practices.

Our commitment to replicable, ethical, economically and environmentally sustainable practices is what guides us.

Our passion for our mission is what drives us… to do what we do best—create hemp products of the highest quality available on the market.

History Is on Our Side

That passion for quality stems from our history. Hepworth Ag was founded by two members of the Hepworth farming family that has been feeding the wider Hudson Valley and Northeast Region with high quality fruits and vegetables for seven generations.

Our hemp is grown on 200 acres of farmland in the Hudson Valley, all of which is part of family-owned multi-generational farms. Our harvest is the product of over a 1000 years of combined experience in agricultural science. Hepworth Ag is committed to the economic development of the Hudson Valley and the revival and sustainability of its agriculture. Growing hemp is an important part of that commitment.

That history of farming excellence brings to bear healthy, sustainable farming practices forged over time. The result is a new grade of hemp we call “Triple O.”

Triple O Hemp

Triple O stands for Origin, Organic, and Oversight. More specifically, single origin, organically grown, with the highest standards of scientific oversight.

Single Origin

Every flower we sell is grown on our farm from seeds we can trace back to a handful of trusted sources. The quality of our product relies on controlling the process from seed to sale. We select the genetics for every plant we grow, and because we know that genetics is ever evolving, we never rest. The search for high quality genetics is always ongoing because the genetics of our plants is critical to our success. That level of hands-on quality control means we produce best-in-class CBD with proven compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid potency.

Organically Grown

Hepworth Ag collection of farms all grow organically and the vast majority of what we grow is USDA certified organic. More importantly, we use the “Whole Alive Systems approach,” something hepworth Ag's co-founder, Amy Hepworth is passionate about. This approach to farming is concerned with the maximum health and sustainability of the plants, the farm, and the ecosystem in which both exist. Working holistically with the biological community of interacting organisms and the environment is the core of our program.

When the growing is done, the same standards of excellence continue to guide us through the drying and processing. We leave our harvest uncompromised. You won't find any additives or preservatives in our bottles, and all Hepworth Ag's products are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and Kosher.

Scientific Oversight

The experienced scientists in our own on-premises lab provide real-time cannabinoid monitoring. The lab is an integral part of the farming practice at Hepworth Ag, ensuring the management and production of the highest quality "seed to sale" hemp-derived CBD. Third-party certified labs guarantee THC compliance on all our hemp and certify the quality and integrity of our products.

Our processing is done on-site, powered by Labyrinth technology, and for every batch of distillate produced there is further tracking and documenting of our “seed-to-sale” quality.

And finally, we use a sophisticated software program by Rymedi that allows us to closely capture, track, and share every step of production. At Hepworth Ag, we model what we realize is the future of sustainable agriculture—absolute transparency from seed to consumer. Using Rymedi software, we can confidently say that the flower from this seed ends up in this lot, and the CBD from that lot ends up in this bottle of distillate.

We use QR codes for the two sectors of our market. For business partners, the QR code, when scanned, links to third-party COAs for each batch of distillate produced. On our retail products, QR codes will link to our website.

Other Certifications

Hepworth Ag is cGMP, HACCP and Kosher certified. Here’s what these certifications mean:

cGMP certified—up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practices certification is FDA regulated and ensures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of our hemp products.

HACCP certified— Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certification means that we adhere to the highest international standards for identifying and managing food safety related risk, and thus our products are considered food-grade across the globe.

Kosher certified—This certification verifies that the ingredients, production process including all machinery, and/or food-service process complies with the standards of Jewish dietary and religious Jewish law.

Hepworth Ag makes a commitment every day to our partners and buyers to follow our mission to its logical conclusion—to grow and sell 100% pristine, Triple O hemp products. Guaranteed.

New York Times Article on Hepworth Ag:

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