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Flower Power: Our 2020 Grow is Almost Here!

Organic CBD Hemp Flower | Hempire State Growers

The season of harvest is here, and at Hempire State Growers we are seeing some gorgeous flower, and it’s available for purchase.


In 2019, our 5 varieties hemp had an average of 18% CBD. This year we are learning about our new varieties and testing is ongoing in our on-site and third party labs.

And now a word from our president, Amy Hepworth: “We are in a horticultural wonderland. In this second year of producing CBD flower, all of us here—hundreds of people all working together with hemp—are learning and understanding more each day.

“We had an abundance of sun and ideal growing conditions for the second year in a row, and this year we added new cultivars to our list and can see where we are headed—it’s a beautiful picture.”

We can’t wait to make that abundance available to our buyers. Reach out to Diane Feilen ( or visit our website to learn more about flower sales. And stay tuned for more updates! Brochure coming soon.

Varieties of hemp 2020:

Berry blossom

Bristol Blond

Bubba Kush


Cherry Blossom


Hawaiian Haze


Matterhorn (high in CBG)


Red Bordeaux

Salsa Morano

Salsa Verde

Sour lifter

Sour Special Sauce

Sour Suver Haze

Super Sour Space Candy

Suver Haze

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