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A Hempire State of Gratitude

Hempire State Growers is like a family. We work hard together, and we love to gather and celebrate our successes, our affection, and our gratitude.

This year, we cannot gather as a team and families are thinking of new ways to celebrate this holiday that is steeped in traditions of togetherness.

But Thanksgiving is also about giving thanks. Hempire State Growers has so much for which to be grateful.

We are grateful for:

The abundance of the natural world

The fruitfulness of our hemp fields

The generosity of the soil

The opportunity to contribute to sustainable agriculture

The beauty and fertility of the Hudson Valley that is our home

Our team of committed, passionate employees who never let us down

The promise of CBD to enhance wellness for the people

The opportunity to support the local economy

Having meaningful work

Knowing that we are doing good in the world with our endeavors

The diversity of our extended family of workers, every member of which brings value and insight to our process

You: our partners, customers, supporters, cheerleaders, followers, neighbors, and friends

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Hempire State Growers.

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